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The MuKn Team


Chief Executive Officer

Alexander Smart

CEO of MuKn, Alexander has a B.A. from UChicago with an emphasis in Political Science and a minor in Economics, and a J.D. from Pepperdine Caruso School of Law. He is licensed to practice law in California, New York, and Massachusetts.

Alexander has always thought fast, but learned to think deep and sharp at UChicago. After studying law at Pepperdine, he spent nearly fifteen years guiding executives and decision makers through litigation, in matters ranging from shoplifting and speeding tickets to multi-forum international investment bank disputes.

His practice honed his ability to quickly assimilate and master new information, and deliver that information clearly at any level of sophistication. Tiring of courthouses, he found his skills were readily applicable and desperately needed in the blockchain space.

Informed by two years of volunteer work he did in Northeastern Brazil in his college years, he joined MuKn to help use Web3 to give people in every part of the world access to modern financial services.

President and Head Scientist

François-René Rideau

President and CSO of MuKn, François-René "Faré" Rideau has more than 25 years of experience building programming languages and distributed systems. He notably proved the correctness of a (centralized) payment protocol early in his career.

Alumnus of École Normale Supérieure, Télécom Paris, Université Côte d'Azur, Faré went to the United States and worked as a senior developer for companies such as ITA, Bridgewater and Google.

While working in the industry, he notably maintained and rewrote ASDF, the build system at the heart of the Common Lisp open source community; he also kept publishing academic papers and speaking at programming language conferences.

Eventually, his interests in economics and software security converged with his experience in open source software and formal methods and he started working on Layer 2 solutions for the Blockchain.

Faré founded MuKn, to commercialize his academic work in programming languages and payment channels. MuKn builds on his passion for economics, software security, open source software, and formal methods.

Chief Product Officer

Alex Hochberger

Alex M. “The Hoch” Hochberger has over 20 years of experience integrating technology and business systems to drive real growth. He notably spent an extensive amount of time building and advising startups from formation to exit. His first startup was formed with his MIT roommate (sold 7 years later) through doing technology turnarounds of portfolio companies at Z9 Ventures, a Miami-based venture group.

One of the original MiamiTech “OGs,” Hoch was a mentor with Incubate Miami, the original Miami Accelerator. Now he is an advisor with Cryptan Labs Web3 and Blockchain Accelerator in Miami.

Alex’s career has included building out and configuring Enterprise and Startup versions of CRM, ERP, and Data-storage systems, from the Web1 Dot-com Bust through the Web3 era, with expertise using technology to solve real world problems. His stints have included CTO and CMO roles in consumer finance, health care, and consumer product space.

Hoch is a volunteer theatrical Producer and Actor-Combatant with the Royal Chessmen, and he is a Scoutmaster of a Boy Scout Troop. Alex has a B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering with minors in Mathematics and Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “MIT”, and an MBA from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University.

Chief Financial Officer

Peter Hubshman

Peter is a finance and operations expert who has been focused on startups, with a background/origin in private equity and leveraged buyouts. In the early 2000’s he operated Internet Real Estate Group, a Web 2.0 studio in Boston MA, USA which successfully developed businesses including and a dozen other early prime domain businesses.

Peter’s team of engineers created some of the earliest successful affiliate marketing and advertising platforms on the Internet and were pioneers in search engine optimization. Later he was the CFO of Digiport Data Centers in Miami FL and developed business plans and economic models as Financial Advisor to Digiport-founded startups including (Air BnB for yachts), (early cloud-ware for small-midsized professional offices); and (digital arts platform for digital artists).  In 2018 Peter was Management Consultant and Interim CFO and assited with their business modeling for a successful C round in 2019. Later in 2019, Peter became Interim CFO of (Brand Strategy for Fortune 100’s) assisting them with their successful A round with Bocap, a private equity firm in Finland.

Peter joined MuKn in Q1 2022 as CFO, Founder and a Board Member.  He is a graduate of Tufts University and has a Masters in Public and Private Management from Yale University School of Management.

“I’m in the blockchain now because I believe in the future.  When I was just starting out, I managed a team that took a CNC machine shop paperless. (We integrated all the machine controllers to a VAX from Digital Equipment Corp… Sigh.)  I’ve been working and dreaming since then toward this moment in time we are now reaching… That moment is coming when robotics, software automation, and AI really begin to join forces. Now is that moment when we have started to define the communication and rules between these more and more sophisticated puzzle pieces.  Now is the moment that we are forming our future productivity equations, to free one another from most forms of hard or boring labor.  I hope we survive and thrive beyond the wars we still wage. I trust and challenge the next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders and engineers and scientists to find their way to allowing every single member of our global society to be free from poverty and manual labor to live productive and meaningful lives as they so choose and are capable of.” 

Chief Information Officer

Zoe Braiterman

Zoe Braiterman has experience ranging from cyber security, data science, system architecture and product development.

She is strong with an extensive experience as a security consultant and research associates for Purepoint international, Analyst and Lead Data architect for multiple companies and an active prominent member of the OWASP foundation.

Passionate about helping startups to scale, she also has experience as a teacher and business manager. She now secures the whole MuKn information ecosystem.

Chief Communications Officer

Gauthier Lamothe

Gauthier specializes in business development and communications.

Gauthier is an expert in all areas of media, and is passionate about using blockchain to solve global injustices.

Media expert and former film producer, Gauthier produces MuKn’s “Mutual Knowledge” Podcast and educational information on blockchain technology and business, interviewing the world’s leading experts on using blockchain technology for social change.

Areas of Gauthier’s research include decentralized justice systems, tokenization of governance, and use of cryptocurrency for decentralized systems of freedom, and he has been the head of PR of the Free Republic of Liberland.

Doubling his career with psychotherapy and coaching, Gauthier acts as a trainer and advisor for many companies (in France or in other countries). So far, he has founded 10 enterprises and advised many more as a consultant and trainer in fields such as biotech, insurance, wellbeing, banking, nuclear physics, fast-food, and goods distribution.

Gauthier has a very versatile set of skills in different areas such as cooking, scuba diving, martial arts, yoga, piano, learning many foreign languages and many others…

Technical Crew

VP of Formal Methods

Marcin Grzybowsky

Marcin has been working professionally in software development for more than 15 years.

After using Agda and Idris for personal projects, he became captivated by dependently typed languages and Homotopy Type Theory and has been using these technologies for the benefit of commercial projects Since 2018.

At MuKn Marcin is notably tasked with the implementation of the Formal Verification functionality of Glow, and the development of machine-checked proof of its properties, but his work also includes the development of other technologies in our own R&D lab.

Multiple Laureate of the Polish Physics Olympiad (2004,2005), Marcin has experience in many different fields ranging from Artificial Intelligence, Domain Specific Languages, and has also cofounded startups.


Henri Lesourd

Henri Lesourd acts as a software architect: he contributes to the technical design and implementation of MuKn products. Henri has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Paris 6, and was involved as a researcher and research engineer in several projects at the Saarland University (especially in the context of developing user interfaces to various intelligent mathematical assistants, and of developing interactive educational software for language learning), in the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science (to contribute to the design of a middleware to distribute digitized historical texts), and at Nordisk Folkecenter for Renewable Energies (in the context of contributing to the development of low-tech hardware/software to enable remote sensing and control of wind turbines).

Beyond developing beautiful software, following Descartes, who wanted to develop a method for thinking that is so perfect that “anyone, however humble his abilities may be, will nevertheless perceive that none of these [thinking] ways is less open to him than to anyone else”, Henri’s main interest revolves around creating a technology which is understandable and easy to appropriate for its recipients. Henri believes that, among the current trends, the development of Web 3.0 is one of those things that has the potential to genuinely deliver in this realm.


Donald Fisk

After a first career in Physics and Astronomy that started in 1978 after his graduation at the University of Glasgow, Donald studied Telecoms Engineering at King’s College University of London, graduating in 1996.

With over 30 years of experience in software system design and development, in a variety of
languages (mainly Lisp, C and Java), Donald has developed compilers and interpreters, artificial
intelligence systems, data mining, speech processing and web based applications.

A seasoned researcher with peer-reviewed papers and personal productions, Donald Fisk has also been granted six patents, and has given numerous talks and lectures.

His notable references in the field of computer science and programming notably include and Imagination Technology.


Fisk: Tile-based Depth Buffer Compression (WO 2012098365 A1)
Kett, Kirkham, Fisk: System and Method for Modelling System Interactions (WO 2001076267
Fisk: Programme Selection Means in a Programme Transmission and Reception System (WO
1997006613 A3)
Fisk, Tester, Swaine: Method for Controlling Traffic in a Communication Network (WO
1994000957 A1)
Tester, Fisk, Swaine: Detecting Local Exchange Failure and Resultant Control of a
Communications Network (US 5583928 A)
Fisk, Ngan: Apparatus for production of a musical score (GB2212318-A)


Sebastien Blondeel

Developer Intern

Pawel Wolak


Marketing Intern

Hugues Marty

2010 Alumnus from the University of British Columbia in Business Management and holder of a master of Arts, Hugues has been an entrepreneur for 15 years in the field of industrial translation and localization: web and mobile apps, software, UX/UI, websites, and overall marketing content.

His customers ranged from industrial translation to finance, fintech and of course defi: broker apps and Websites, cryptocurrency & blockchain platforms, KIID, annual reports, UCITS IV, MiFID I & II & MIFIR regulatory documents for ETF, CFD, Forex, and Options brokers, bank warranties, prospectus, certificates of funds, collaterals, Trading T&C, Regulatory compliance documentation, Technical and fundamental analysis documents, weekly and monthly reviews and commentaries, etc.

In 2018, and for 18 months, Hugues was also in charge of setting up the Liberland Chamber of Commerce : facilitating cryptocurrency-based businesses for companies willing to interact with the Free Republic of Liberland, and helping set-up a decentralized blockchain-based dispute management system.

He is now a member of the MuKn marketing team.


Industry Advisor

Rick Dudley

President and System Architect of Vulcanize, Inc., Rick has in-depth experience in both the technology and the business of blockchain

Industry Advisor

Dominik Franek

Tech enthusiast and business strategist. Has many years of experience with development of games, AI, robots and space tech, as well as from various positions in startups.

Academic Advisor

Nada Amin

As a faculty at Harvard SEAS, Nada researches advanced aspects of programming languages such as static / dynamic reflection, and programs / processes.

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